Grand Ballroom in Los Angeles, California

Enjoy the architectural splendor of the grand ballroom in Pacific Electric Lofts offered by Downtown Los Angeles Filming Locations.

In addition to major films and web episodes, this venue provides the perfect backdrop for:

• Opening Night Celebrations
• Premier Parties
• Launch Parties

• Pre & After Parties
• Fashion Shows
• Wedding Receptions & Ceremonies

• Holiday Events
• Birthdays
• Business Events

Pacific Electric Ballroom

Ensure your guests leave with amazing memories by reserving our ballroom for your next event! Built in 1905, Pacific Electric is one of the most important landmarks, both architecturally and culturally, in the Historic Core of Downtown Los Angeles. Located at the corner of 6th & Main Streets, this building housed the Jonathan Club, before being purchased and renovated to it's current glory.

At nine stories in height, this landmark is among the city's earliest high-rise structures, and until the late 1950's, it was the largest building in the western United States. The penthouse ballroom has more than 5,500 sq. ft., two upper deck areas, two full kitchens, exposed beams, 10' high Chicago-style windows, and 40’ ceilings.

The Artisan House- Bar/Restaurant/Gourmet Market

Experience the restaurant, bar, deli, and market at the bottom of the Pacific Electric Lofts building. A unique dining experience with a great vibe!

Built from a piece of history, the original granite and wood used throughout the restaurant was harvested from the Pacific Electric Lofts building to create a warm and timeless feel throughout this amazing venue.

This building has been used as a backdrop for a variety of movies and TV shows, including:


The Heist™

LA Confidential™
Gideon’s Crossing™

NYPD Blue™
Face Off™

Mad Men™
Roger Rabbit™

Ford Fusion™

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